Testimonials - HIS International School

Samantha Lew Xin Yi

Graduate - awarded with the World Best Cambridge Student for IGCSE Mandarin Foreign Language in 2020 by Cambridge U.K.

When I first enrolled, I failed the evaluation test and the teachers considered putting me in a lower grade. It is unbelievable how I am one of the top students in my class today, and it is all thanks to the passionate and loving teachers. The teachers were always pushing us to do our best and taking out time from their busy schedules to answer my countless doubts. What stood out to me was that our teachers also never stopped us from sharing our personal problems and they would give us life advice that impacted my life. I used to be an extreme introvert, but my best friends that I made here, have inspired, and helped me develop into whom I am today. I am more extroverted than I was before. Because of my development, I have made lifelong friends too.

Estelle Benedict


This school played a major role in making me the person I am today. Teachers were welcoming and found creative ways to make lessons more interactive. The community here stood out the most to me. I made lasting friendships with my peers and teachers. Furthermore, my time here has greatly impacted my growth as an individual. I will forever cherish the memories we had during classes and the weekly advice we received. I received help in realizing my strengths, my weaknesses and was encouraged to pursue a career I would enjoy. Lastly, I am very grateful to everyone who was part of my academic journey.

Chan May Seong

Mother of 2021 Graduating Class Student: Chin Jo Wey

I am truly glad that Jo Wey, is finally finishing his IGCSE exam this June.
I am so thankful and grateful to the team of teachers in HIS throughout his years of studies there as I have witnessed how he has changed to what he is today. Jo Wey was not very consistent in his homework in the earlier days, but slowly his attitude changed and I no longer have to monitor closely and worry about his homework as he has shown more commitment in his studies overtime.
Jo Wey has come a long way. Despite some challenges faced, he managed to overcome them, thanks to all the guidance, effort, care, encouragement and the positive influence from your team of dedicated teachers.
BIG BIG Thank you again, Ms. Stephanie, you have so much enthusiasm and passion not only for the students' academic progress, but also their emotional and mental welfare. Your passion for them is so inspiring to me and my husband as parents. We have never looked back since sending Jo Wey to HIS, it was one of the best decisions made for him.
All the Best to you and the Teachers in HIS, Stay Healthy and Take Care.

Anita Nathan

Mother of 2020 Graduating Class Student: Silvana Ashvini Easvern

Silvana Ashvini has been a student of HIS, a decision made back in the Year 2016. HIS was recommended and since her enrolment, I only saw positive improvement in my daughter. I have no reason to regret that decision. "One must sow the seed before reaping the harvest."
HIS is safe, loving, and has a welcoming environment that provides students with inspiration under the nurturing guidance of their many dedicated teachers. The communication between teachers and parents is excellent and serves both parents and students effectively. It's comforting and assuring that my daughter was in safe and good hands. To me, I had found the perfect learning centre!
My daughter has made great friends with fond memories and has learned invaluable lessons during her time in HIS. She has grown into a confident young lady and this in itself is a testament to the great success and development of the learning centre. Four years of academic journey at HIS took her to higher grounds, from HIS to one of the best International Colleges now!
I take this opportunity to thank Ms. Stephanie, the Principal and the brilliant team of dedicated teachers for instilling good values, character development and social graces, not forgetting their vision, dedication, and hard work to make HIS, what it is today. Here's wishing HIS all the best and continued success for many more years ahead!

Loi Heng Shyen

Currently studying IT at Taylor's University

My name is Heng Shyen, and I graduated from HIS in 2016. when I first joined HIS, I noticed that the teachers were much closer to the students than in other schools that I've been to. Sometimes before the teacher starts teaching, they would engage in a mini conversation with the students, asking how was their day or maybe even give a short sharing regarding a topic that would benefit us students. I remember when my friends and I would finish our homework early in class, the teachers would start a conversation with us, and many times it gave us students an insight to things we as students don't have access to, such as: the business industry, workplace environment, college life, adulthood, parenthood, etc.
Like many other students, I disliked math and physics. This changed, however, when my physics teacher, teacher Arima, joined HIS. Many times during class hours, he would share with me cool and interesting facts about physics; like how you can create an electro magnet with just a battery and a wire; about how there are millions, if not billions of transistors inside our smartphones or how you can power a device, such a light bulb, wirelessly.
What I also love about HIS is their moral and ethical standards. They always encourage students to be honest, kind, forgiving and diligent; by doing those things themselves first.
Now I'm a student in Taylor's University Lakeside Campus, current in semester 2 of my diploma in IT. With all the knowledge that comes with experience passed down from the teachers at HIS, I found that I had an easier time making decisions and managing my time for assignments and leisure over many other students; and for that, I'm forever grateful.

Beatrice Ban Ruyi

Received a scholarship to study at the University of Nottingham International College. She is currently studying Law in the U.K. at the University of Bristol.

HIS International School is a place where I was provided sufficient academic support in preparing for my IGCSEs. It is also a place where I made lifelong friends that I can do life with. The teachers in HIS are adept at teaching their subjects and their friendly demeanour makes approaching them for help with any problem very easy to do. Special thanks to Ms. Stephanie for helping me to develop my mathematical skills. When I first started at HIS, I was getting D's for my mathematics tests. However, with the support of Ms. Stephanie, I managed to achieve an A in my IGCSE for mathematics. I cherish and value my time at HIS and learnt many invaluable things during my time there.

Beh Jie Shen

Completed the IGCSE Programme exceedingly well in 2018 with 8 A*'s and 2 A's. He is now awaiting placement for his tertiary education.

HIS, in a nutshell, was a huge turning point in life. The experiences that I gained, transformed me from a total introvert into an expressive person with a personality. I am glad that I chose HIS, as my academic achievements and character building began to skyrocket and it has never stopped since.

Yap Yue Shen

awarded with the Australian Matriculation High Achievers Award from Sunway University (Actuarial Studies)