About - HIS International School

Welcome to HIS International School,

where we believe in creating a legacy for tomorrow. HIS International School has its beginning from humble institutions, the brainchild of an established kindergarten, tuition chain and a training centre.

With strong foundations in both education and character-building, our students will truly be the legacy of tomorrow.

"The Legacy of Tomorrow." We believe that legacy is the greatest thing we can leave for future generations. We are creators of legacy and we incorporate that into our DNA and culture so that every student at HIS International School has a legacy mindset. That they will be the future movers and shakers of tomorrow and carry on the legacy that we start today.

Our Vision
Is to be able to provide excellent education with care in an encouraging environment at affordable fees. With our dedicated faculty and experience, we believe we can make this a reality.

This is an International School that never stops innovating. We believe in the use of technology and innovation. So that traditional methods that work, can evolve to have a greater impact on our students.

This helps our students to be forward thinkers and equipped with knowledge and understanding of systems, Programmes, software, and updated education to make them the movers and shakers of tomorrow, all in a fun and encouraging environment. Even learning through the use of smart devices and applications, our students will always be connected to their classes and can learn, uninterrupted.
We are pandemic-proof. We are future proof.

We believe in instilling strong character, the mindset that mistakes are fine, and that we can learn from them, the principle that we must do everything in an honourable and truthful manner in order for us to achieve true success.

Core Values

We desire to see quality, world-recognised education made accessible and available to all students on-site and online. Coupled with great practical facilities, strong values and character-building; we believe we have much to offer to our students - the legacy of tomorrow.

  • HIS International School is licensed by the
  • Ministry of Education, Malaysia.
  • Registration No.: BUBH031

Education is fundamental. It is something we all need and something that never stops.

Get on Track

with the school with a proven track record

HIS International School comes from a history of high achievers from 2018 - 2021 from our humble beginnings as a training centre.


Total Credits Awarded (2018 - 2021)